Analysis Mode For Factories

The Analysis Mode serves as an alternative to the standard 3×3 layout mode for factories. It allows you to manage your factories in a much more streamlined way, spending less time on micromanagement and yielding better results.

You could easily switch between the two modes by clicking on the button as shown in the following screenshot. You may switch back to the standard 3×3 layout mode anytime you wish, so you could have the best of both worlds.

When you have switched to the Analysis Mode, you could use the new interface for viewing the details of the finished products and the input items with all the key information consolidated on the same screen.

Select a finished product at the upper area of the screen to see the production details:

Select a group of input items at the upper area of the screen to see a summary of the input item.

Here you could change the supplier of an input item effortlessly. Simply click the “Link” button, the game will show only those suppliers that currently offer the input item, skipping the step of having to set the input item filter which you normally have to do with a Purchasing Unit on the standard 3×3 UI.

(This new feature is currently in beta and is only available in post-release beta version 5.1.00 or later.)