Capitalism Lab release version download

You will be provided with a direct download link when you purchase Capitalism Lab. If you have lost your Capitalism Lab installer file or want to download the latest release version installer, please access the following link:

Click here to download the Capitalism Lab release version Installer 

Capitalism Lab post-release Beta version download

Asides from the release version, there is a post-release Beta version contains additional new features but is not yet stable and under testing. If you are interested in trying out the latest set of new features and do not mind playtesting a version that may contain bugs and crashes, you may download the Capitalism Lab post-release Beta version at the following link:

Click here to download the Capitalism Lab post-release Beta version Installer

Please note that the post-release Beta version will install on a different folder than the release version, so you may continue to enjoy the release version, while testing out the new feature at the post-release Beta version.

For more information:
Click here to read the FAQ about Capitalism Lab post-release Beta version  

User Game Text Translation download

Thanks to the efforts of the contributors, the user-translations for Capitalism Lab are now available in the following languages:

  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Chinese

Click here to go to the translation download page

User-created MODs download

Capitalism Lab supports MOD. Thanks to the efforts of contributors, a number of high quality user-created MODs are now available for download for free.

Click here to download user-created MODs