Enhanced Management Policies

The following screen shows the enhanced management policies for Your Chief Operating Officer (COO).
There will be a slider allowing you to more precisely request your COO to set prices according to your wish. It ranges from “Maximize Profit Margin” to “Maximize Market Share”, or “Balanced”.

“Maximize Profit Margin” – Maximize profit margins by raising prices at the expense of market shares and capacity utilization rates

“Maximize Market Share” – Lower prices to gain market shares at the expense of profit margins.

“Balanced” – Balance market shares and profit margins and set prices sensibly.

You now have the following management policies for Your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Below is the management policies screen for Your Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

Improvements to the Hiring System

There will be a person without any expertise, regardless of which AI expertise setting you have selected on the new game setting menu. This allows you to hire a COO for a lower salary cost, which is particularly useful when your company is at its early growth stage.

The person is usually listed as the 2nd person on the Person Report in the Information Center. Such a person will never set up a company on his/her own, and thus is always available for hire.

In addition, the total number of persons in a game has been increased to 50, providing you with more choices when it comes to hiring senior managers.