Redirect Supply Links

If any of your other firms have broken supply links which requires the same item that this Sales unit is selling, you may use this button to redirect the supply link to the current Sales unit.

For example, when your mine’s reserve has exhausted, and you have just built a new mine, then you may use this button to redirect supply links to the new mine automatically, saving you from having to manually making changes to individual Purchasing Units.

The following explains how it works with greater details and screenshots:

1) Your Logging Camp has run out of Timber.

2) You factory which relies on your Logging Camp’s supply of Timber stopped its production because of absence of timber.

3) In order to resolve the problem, you have located a new natural source site of Timber and proceed to build a new Logging Camp.

4) When you click on the Sales unit of your new Logging Camp, you will see the new “Redirect Supply Link” icon as indicated below.

You may hover the mouse over the icon to see its help message.

Click the [Redirect Supply Links] icon, and it will automatically redirect your Factory’s purchasing units to your new mine, replenishing it with new supply of Timber.

Now check out your factory. Thanks to the renewed supply of timber, it is in full operation again!