Script – Imports/Products


Consumer Goods Seaports=<0-4>

Industrial Goods Seaports=<0-4>
You may create a game up with no seaport using a game script. But the AI companies’ performances will suffer and this should only be used if you intend to create a game scenario with such characteristics.

Constant Import Supply=<Yes,No>

Import Quality=<Low,Moderate,High>

Randomly Disable Product Classes=<0-90>
When this is set, the system will randomly disable a specific percentage of product classes in the new game. 

Random Product Reinvention=<0-100>  
When this is set, the system will randomly lock a specific percentage of product classes in the new game and require the player to “reinvent” them in R&D centers. 

Assigning specific products to the seaports 
Add Seaport Product=<Product Type>The above line assigns a specific product to a seaport. Note that the seaport to be assigned with the products is always the seaport located in the first city of the game.Example: 
Add Seaport Product=JeansThe above line adds Jeans to a seaport.You may assign multiple products using the same syntax, such as below.Example:
Add Seaport Product=Jeans
Add Seaport Product=Mobile Phone
Add Seaport Product=Steel
Add Seaport Product=Timber
Add Seaport Product=CCD

The products can include consumer products, raw materials and semi products. 

For Subsidiary DLC only:

Product Customization=<On,Off>
If this is set to On, you will find the Product Customization tool in the Manufacturer’s Guide. (“Technology Disruption” option is disabled when “Product Customization” is enabled.)

Product Customization Range=<Low,Moderate,High>
Low – product customization applies to your company only
Medium – it applies to your company and your subsidiaries
High – it applies to all companies.