FAQ about Ordering Capitalism Lab

Is Capitalism Lab a sequel to Capitalism 2?
Actually Capitalism Lab is an expansion to Capitalism 2, as opposite to a full sequel. You may check out the section about the differences between Capitalism 2 and Capitalism Lab on the Capitalism Lab web site:http://www.capitalismlab.com

What are the new features of Capitalism Lab?
You may check out its new feature list on the official Capitalism Lab web site: http://www.capitalismlab.com

How will the game be delivered to be me after ordering it?
The game will be delivered to you via digital download. After ordering Capitalism Lab, you will be provided with a download link to download the game installer. Normally, the entire download process will only take a few minutes with a high speed Internet connection. 

Does Capitalism Lab with a manual PDF file? 
All the new features and improvements of Capitalism Lab over Capitalism 2 are detailed on the Capitalism Lab web site and there will be no additional manual PDF file. In the event that there is any information you are seeking about the game and you cannot find it on the web site, you may let us know and we will follow up by providing the relevant information.