Modding – Product Customization

If you want to embed custom product images into your MOD and have it distributed to other users in a single ZIP or RAR file, please follow the instructions below.

1) Start a new game with the Subsidiary DLC and/or the Digital Age DLC enabled.

2) On the new game setting menu, select the Environment tab and enable the Product Customization option.

3) After the new game has started, access the Manufacturer’s Guide and open the Product Customization window of any product.

4) Once the Product Customization window is opened, the game will automatically create the necessary folders for product customization for your MOD. The details are as follows:

It will create a new folder under the “<your Capitalism Lab folder>\MOD” folder and name the folder the same as the MOD, and a subfolder called “Products” as well.

e.g. If your MOD file is called “MyMOD.RES”, then it will create a new folder called “MyMOD”, followed by a subfolder called “Products”. The resulting path will be “<Capitalism Lab>\MOD\MyMOD\Products

5) You may now place custom product images into the individual product folders under the aforementioned “Products” folder.

6) To distribute your MOD, you can simply pack the MOD files, plus the folder described above into a single ZIP or RAR file.

e.g. If your MOD is called MyMOD. Then the ZIP file should include:

  • The file <Capitalism Lab>\MOD\MyMOD.RES
  • The file <Capitalism Lab>\MOD\MyMOD.TXT
  • The folder <Capitalism Lab>\MOD\MyMOD and all subfolders under it.

7) After a user has downloaded your MOD file, the user can unpack all the files and folders contained in the ZIP or RAR file into the <Capitalism Lab>\MOD folder.

When the user loads your MOD, all the custom product images that you have created will become available to the user.