Firm Relocation and Description

You can now relocate factories. This is especially useful when the land plots occupied by your factories and R&D centers have appreciated significantly in value after years of city development. The original land you bought at a low cost for building the factories and R&D centers can now be used to build retail stores, apartments and commercial buildings, for better financial returns.

The types of firms that you can relocate include retail stores, factories, R&D centers, media firms, and your headquarters.

Relocation Costs
The total costs of relocating a firm include:
o  the cost for buying a new land plot
o  the cost for building a new firm building on the new location.

The old firm building will be demolished and its building asset value will be written off as an expense.

The land plot where the original firm was built will remain the player’s property. The player can choose to sell it at the market price or retain it for future uses.

Firm Description

You can now enter a description for your firm. To do so, while you are in the firm detail view, click on the [Firm description] icon (see the below screenshot for its whereabouts) or simply press [Enter] key to activate the field for entering the firm description.
The descriptions that you have entered for your firms will be shown on the Firms report, enabling you to identify your firms more conveniently.
When you are selecting a supplier for your purchasing unit, you will see your firms’ descriptions on the supplier selection interface.
Automatic Firm Description Generation 
The game will automatically generate descriptions for you firms in this format: <Firm Type><Sequence Number><City>.
e.g. “Factory 001 (Auckland)” And you may edit it if you want to change it to a custom name.