Retail Simulation Enhancement

Retail simulation now takes into account customer traffic of the retail location and the effect of chain stores, taking realism to a new level.

Customer Traffic

You will be able to see the customer traffic index of the area where your retail store is located. The index ranges from 0 to 100. Stores located in areas with high customer traffic benefit from greater demands for their products.
In the above example, the Customer Traffic Index of the highlighted location is 45.

You can see the Customer Traffic of a retail store at the top-right of the firm detail window, as indicated by the red rectangle in the above screenshot.

Retail Demand Bonus

A new indicator called Retail Demand Bonus will magnify the effect of customer traffic. So a retail store with high customer traffic and a large retail demand bonus will generate a great deal of demands for its products.

You can increase the Retail Demand Bonus in the following ways:

o   Specialty stores focusing on a specific product class are more attractive to customers interested in such products.

o   Build more stores of the same store type in the current city.

o   Stores in areas with high customer traffic will boost the chain popularity more.

You can view Retail Demand Bonus indicator at the top-right of the firm detail window. More stars mean a higher retail demand bonus.

New Retail Strategy

Now you can pursue the new retail strategy of setting up a chain of retail stores, which will give you a significant advantage over competitors’ individual retail stores. For example, you may set up a chain of Leather Stores in prime shopping areas to increase your chain’s recognition and thus drive more demands to your stores.