Retail Simulation Enhancement

Retail simulation in Capitalism Lab now takes into account customer traffic of the retail location and the effect of chain stores, taking realism to a new level.

Customer Traffic

When selecting a location to build your retail store, you can see the customer traffic index of the location, which ranges from 0 to 100. Stores located in areas with high customer traffic benefit from greater demands for their products.
The Customer Traffic of a retail store can be seen at the top-right of the firm detail window.


Retail Demand Bonus

A new indicator called Retail Demand Bonus magnifies the effect of customer traffic.

A retail store with high customer traffic and a large retail demand bonus will generate a great deal of demands for its products.

You can increase the Retail Demand Bonus in the following ways:

o   Specialty stores focusing on a specific product class are more attractive to customers interested in such products.

o   Build more stores of the same store type in the current city.

o   Stores in areas with high customer traffic will boost the chain popularity more.

You can view Retail Demand Bonus indicator at the top-right of the firm detail window. More stars mean a higher retail demand bonus.

Retail Chain Strategy: A Competitive Edge

Boost your retail performance by implementing a powerful chain strategy: open a network of retail stores gives you a competitive edge over rival businesses with standalone outlets. For instance, consider opening a series of leather goods stores in high-traffic shopping districts to elevate your chain’s recognition and subsequently attract more customers to your stores.