The Digital Age DLC offers you an exciting opportunity to build a tech startup at the dawn of the digital age and oversee its growth to eventually become a tech powerhouse that joins the ranks of tech titans such as Microsoft and Google.

The game accurately simulates the rise of the digital age, starting in the formative years of the computer industry. Personal computers, once only limited to enthusiasts, are taking the world by storm. Tech startups founded by young entrepreneurs have been making news headlines with their highly innovative products and amazing growth.

You are launching your tech company at this exciting moment where opportunities abound. And the game’s meticulous simulation will let you journey through the evolution of the digital age and witness the mighty rises of the Internet and e-commerce. Do you have what it takes to build a successful tech company and change the world? ​

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Buy Capitalism Lab (list price: $19.99) + Subsidiary DLC ($9.99) + City Economic Simulation DLC ($9.99) + Digital Age DLC ($12.99) for $39.99 only:

Bonus Free Content for the Digital Age DLC: Video Game Mod Kit

While there is no shortage of games on the market that let you manage a video game development company, none of them matches this mod kit in terms of offering you an unique opportunity to produce video game console hardware and dominate the video game software market at the same time (imagine a behemoth company combining Sony and EA.)

For users:

1) Download user-created Video Game mod: Video Game Thumb Candy MOD
This content rich MOD features:

For modders:

If you are interested in creating your own video game mod, please read Video Game Modding Guide