Link AI Persons to Specific Companies

You can link AI persons to specific companies and set the product expertise by AI person.

Here are the instructions:

Add a new file Company_Details.TXT into your \Mod_Kit\Data folder.

See below for the format and an example. Then compile your MOD and run it with the latest version of the game.


Company = <company name>
CEO = <person name>
Focus = <preferred focus type> (optional)

<preferred focus type> specifies the the industry on which the company should focus. It can be one of the following:

All – Diversified
Retail – focused on Retail
Stock – focused on stock investment
Real Estate – focused on real estate
Tech – focused on technology research
Media – focused on the media sector
Software – focused on the software industry
Internet – focused on the Internet sector
Bank – focused on banking
Insurance – focused on insurance

(Please note that the companies’ actual focuses in the game may be different from the focus types defined in this script, as the game has to take into account a number of factors when generating new companies which limits its ability to initialize companies completely based on the focus types defined in this script.)

Product Expertise = <product class name or code>, <10-100> (optional)

The following two lines are for the Digital Age DLC only:
Software Expertise = <software class name or code>, <1-100>
Internet Expertise = <Internet company type>, <1-100>

[TECH] (optional)
<product type name or code> = <10-1000>         // This is the starting R&D level

Note that only the Company and CEO lines are essential. All the other lines are optional.


Company = Super Force
CEO = Tracy Bond
Focus = Tech
Product Expertise = Communication Devices, 80

Smart Phone = 100


Company = Memory Today
CEO = Helen Smith
Focus = Retail
Product Expertise = Beverage, 60

Cola = 70