Link AI Persons to Specific Companies

You can link AI persons to specific companies and set the product expertise by AI person.

Here are the instructions:

Add a new file Company_Details.TXT into your \Mod_Kit\Data folder.

See below for the format and an example. Then compile your MOD and run it with the latest version of the game.


Company = <company name>
CEO = <person name>
Focus = <focus type> (optional)

<focus type> specifies the the industry on which the company is focused. It can be one of the following:

All – Diversified
Retail – focused on Retail
Stock – focused on stock investment
Real Estate – focused on real estate
Tech – focused on technology research
Media – focused on the media sector
Software – focused on the software industry
Internet – focused on the Internet sector
Bank – focused on banking
Insurance – focused on insurance

Product Expertise = <product class name or code>, <10-100> (optional)

The following two lines are for the Digital Age DLC only:
Software Expertise = <software class name or code>, <1-100>
Internet Expertise = <Internet company type>, <1-100>

[TECH] (optional)
<product type name or code> = <10-1000>         // This is the starting R&D level

Note that only the Company and CEO lines are essential. All the other lines are optional.


Company = Super Force
CEO = Tracy Bond
Focus = Tech
Product Expertise = Communication Devices, 80

Smart Phone = 100


Company = Memory Today
CEO = Helen Smith
Focus = Retail
Product Expertise = Beverage, 60

Cola = 70