Improved Layout Plan Library

In the layout library, there are now separate sections for pre-defined layout plans and player designed plans. You can use the [Pre-defined] and [User-defined] buttons to switch between the two sections.

The interface layout has been improved and is more intuitive to use. And you may now use shortcut key [F7]  to call up the Layout Plan Library on the firm detail view.

For factory plans, purchasing units with no availability of supply are displayed in gray background, as a visual cue to help the player to decide which library plan to use.

Wildcard Factory Plans

A new [Wildcard Factory Plan] folder is now available for factories, allowing you to define and use layout plans for multiple products with the same number of inputs.

When you apply a Wildcard Factory Plan on a factory, the purchasing units are indicated with “Wildcard Input <id>”. With this functionality, when you link a purchasing unit to a supplier, all other purchasing units with the same id. will be automatically linked with the same supplier.

For instance, if you link a Plastic supply to a purchasing unit labelled “Wildcard Input 1“, the same Plastic supply will be automatically linked to the other purchasing unit also labelled “Wildcard Input 1” as well. This allows you to set up new factory plans efficiently with greater flexibility.

New shortcuts for opening the library plan library 

We have also added an icon on the interface of factories, farms, R&D centers, warehouses, as a shortcut for opening the Library Plan Library.