City Economic Simulation DLC

The City Economic Simulation DLC lets you build new cities from scratch, form your own political party, and assume the role of mayor while simultaneously growing your business empire!

 DLC Bundle Deals
Buy Capitalism Lab (list price: $19.99) and City Economic Simulation (CES) DLC ($9.99) for $24.99 only:
Buy Capitalism Lab (list price: $19.99) + Subsidiary DLC ($9.99) + City Economic Simulation DLC ($9.99) for $29.99 only:

User Testimonial
What really makes me feel connected to Capitalism Lab, is the CIty Economic Simulation DLC. Before this, a corporation is more like a cloth on my avatar, I can feel it, but it’s not my own skin. It feels like wearing a glove to touch the world. However, with a town that can actually be called my own, I felt I become part of the city I created from absolutely nothing. I educated my minions, I gave them securities, entertainments and sports; I even fed them and give them all the possible goods I can produce, and I wouldn’t want them to suffer, even though every penny I earned are coming from them. And I would seriously feel depressed if they choose to emigrant, I would call for them to come back. That’s very different from the nameless and always docile. perfectly efficient workers in my factories or stores. I don’t feel connected to these labors, but I do feel for my citizens in my own city, where I am not just the mayor (technically, the party leader of the mayor’s party), but part of the family of my people.
Rating: 10 out of 10
User: Eleaza