Script – Challenge Game

You may use a script to define a new game that is created as a challenge game, like what you can do with the [Challenge Game] section on the New Game Setting menu in the game.

[CHALLENGE GAME]Number of Game Years=<2 to 1000> 
This defines how long the challenge game will last.Ranking Method=<Score, Total Revenue, Total Profit, Industry Revenue, Product Revenue, Time to Achieve Goal>
e.g. Ranking Method=Industry Revenue 
This defines the ranking method of the challenge game.

How to Create a Challenge Game using a Script


1) Create a script file in the “SCRIPT” subfolder under your Capitalism Lab folder.

2) Go to the New Game setup menu at Capitalism Lab and select “LOAD SCRIPT”. Load the script you have just created, and start the game.

3) Press ‘S’ to save the game, and select [Save Challenge Game]. The game will be saved to the “Documents\My Games\Capitalism Lab\Challenge” folder.

4) Add a Challenge game description file and release it along with the Challenge save game file.

For more details, please see: How to Create Your Own Private Challenge Game

If you have questions and need further information, you may also post your questions on the Capitalism Lab Forum.