Advanced Modding – Cities

You may modify the list of pre-defined cities in the game by editing the following file.


This file defines the cities in the game.

Field Type Length / Range Description
NAME Character 20 chars The city name.
COUNTRY Character 20 chars The country where the city is part of.
POPULATION Numeric 20 to 100 The city’s population index. A higher value indicates a larger population.
GLOBE_LOCX Numeric 1 to 470 The city’s X coordinate on the global map in the game.

See this web page for details:—cities.html

GLOBE_LOCY Numeric 1 to 260 The city’s Y coordinate on the global map in the game.


LATITUDE Numeric -90 to 90 You may use the LATTITUDE and LONGITUDE to define the location of a city instead of GLOBE_LOCX and GLOBE_LOCY.

In this case, you may just leave GLOBE_LOCX and GLOBE_LOCY empty.

LONGITUDE Numeric -180 to 180 See above.
WAGE_RATE Numeric 20 to 100 The initial real wage rate of the city.

The game will use this value and add some randomness to it when initializing cities for a new game.