Script – Competitors

Number of Competitors=<1 to 65>
You may set the number of competitors to any number between 1 and 65. 
Competitor Start-up Capital=<Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High>
AI Expansion Aggressiveness=<Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High>
AI Pricing Aggressiveness=<Very Low, Low, Moderate, High>

AI Expertise Level=<None, Low, Moderate, High>

AI Tech Head Start=<None, Low, Moderate, High>

Show Competitor Trade Secrets=<Yes, No>

AI Friendly Merger=<Yes, No>

Competence of Local Competitors=<Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High>

You may influence how the game sets the business focuses of the AI companies by setting your preferred mix of business focuses using the following script lines.
Given that there are other factors also affecting the AI business focuses, the game will attempt to set the AI business focuses following your preference whenever possible.

Diversified Companies=<1 to 30>

Retail Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Stock Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Real Estate Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Tech Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Media Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Banking Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Insurance Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

AI Product Expertise=<Expertise Product Class>, <Number of AI competitors> 

Use this statement to assign a specified type of expertise to AI competitors. 

<Expertise Product Class> is the expertise product class. For example, “apparel”

<Number of AI competitors> is the number of AI competitors possessing this type of expertise. 

AI Product Expertise=Apparel, 3

With the above statement, there will be 3 AI competitors possessing expertise in Apparel in the beginning of the game, resulting in more intense competition in the apparel industry.

Please note that this only applies to AI competitors with a diversified business strategy. (e.g. retail focused companies and companies with other focuses are not affected.)

For Subsidiary DLC only:

AI Private Companies Percent=<0 to 80>
Percentage of competitors that are private companies.
AI companies are randomly set up as private companies based on this preference.