Real Estate Simulation with Ultra-high Realism

Real estate simulation in Capitalism Lab offers an opportunity for players to engage in the dynamic world of real estate investment. Within the game, players can buy land, develop properties, and invest in the booming property market. Through immersive gameplay, participants experience the challenges and rewards of making wise investment decisions, managing rental properties, and capitalizing on market trends. The virtual landscape closely mimics real-life scenarios, allowing players to gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the real estate industry.

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Real estate simulation in Capitalism Lab - apartments

In Capitalism Lab, players start by developing properties from scratch through land acquisition and gradual construction of residential, commercial, or mixed-use buildings. Attention to detail, such as creating a desirable living environment, convenient access to amenities, and attractive community facilities, can have a significant impact on rental demand and property values. With each strategic decision, players actively participate in the real estate simulation, learning valuable lessons about the complexities of the real estate market.

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Land Plots – Buy land plots at low prices and sell them when the property market is having a bubble to make a huge profit!

Apartments and Commercial Buildings – Apartments and commercial buildings are simulated in greater details. People are willing to pay higher rents for apartments with good access to community and sports facilities, a green environment and good shopping convenience.

Community and Sports Facilities  Build city halls, schools, museums, hospitals, and stadiums to support the development of a residential area, thus increasing its property values and its rental incomes.

Improved City Dynamics  A city’s population growth is affected by quality of life, unemployment rate, and housing supply. You can make a positive impact to a city by setting up new businesses and creating new jobs.

Real estate simulation in Capitalism Lab - commercial buildings