Script – Special Rules


You may use the following rules to create game scenarios that are extraordinarily more challenging.

Constant Game Speed=<1 to 5> 
If this variable is defined, the game will run at a constant game speed throughout the entire game and the player will not be able to change it. However, if AI Advanced Start is enabled (see below), the constant game speed will not apply during the AI Advanced Start period. 

Years of Advanced Start for AI=<0 to 100>, [Stock Purchase Allowed]
If this variable is defined, the AI will have an advanced start. During the years of AI advanced start, the player’s main company will not be able to build any firms.

If the optional parameter [Stock Purchase Allowed] is defined, the player will be able to purchase stocks during the period of AI advanced start. If it is not defined, by default, the player is not allowed to buy stocks during this period, and likewise the AI companies are also not allowed to buy the player company’s stock during this period.  

Advanced Start for AI Limit on Building Firms=<0 to 50>
The maximum number of firms that each of the companies controlled by the player can build during the period of AI advanced start.

Auto Save Frequency Modifiers
You may use the following script functions to override the default auto save interval which is 1 year.
Auto Save Interval Days=<number>
This sets the auto save interval in game days.
Auto Save Interval Days=20
This will make the game write a new auto save file every 20 game days.

Auto Save Interval Minutes=<number>
This sets the auto save interval in real time minutes.(Please note that even with these functions, auto save will only be performed when the Auto Save option in the game is enabled.)

Multiple Auto Saves 
Use this new script command to auto-save games at a specific interval.

Until other auto-save features, it will not overwrite old autosave files. Instead, it writes to a new file each time, so you don’t have to worry about losing older saves either. You’ll have a complete history of save points going back as far as you want. It’s perfect for easily jumping back in time to re-explore alternate strategies at key decision points.

Script Syntax:
Multiple Auto Saves Interval Years=<number of years>
<number of years> can have decimal places. (e.g. 2.5 meaning doing autosave every two and a half years)

Multiple Auto Saves Interval Years=10
The game will auto-save games every 10 years and each game file will have a unique name.
For example: APLA_001.SAV for year 2000, APLA_002.SAV for year 2010, and so forth.

Game Rule Modifiers

CEO Salary Modifier=<1 to 200>
COO Salary Modifier=<1 to 200>
CTO Salary Modifier=<1 to 200>
CMO Salary Modifier=<1 to 200>

Salary modifiers for senior management staff. The default value is 100. If you assign a value lower than 100, the expected salary for the job position will be lower. On the other hand, assigning a value higher than 100 will increase the expected salary for the job position.

COO Salary Modifier=70
The expected salary for COO will become 70% of the original range.

CTO Salary Modifier=130
The expected salary for CTO will become 130% of the original range.

Tech Cost Modifier=<1 to 1000>

This is a modifier for technology acquisition costs. The default value is 100. If you assign a value lower than 100, technology acquisition costs will be reduced. On the other hand, assigning a value higher than 100 will increase technology acquisition costs.

Tech Cost Modifier =150

Technology acquisition costs will become 150% of the original

Training Effect Modifier=<1 to 1000>

You may use this to modify to training effect on staff. The default value is 100. If you assign a value lower than 100, the experience level of your staff being trained will increase slower. Setting a value higher than 100 will increase the training effect.

Training Effect Modifier=200

With the same training expenditure, your staff’s experience level will increase twice as fast.

Unlimited Natural Resources=Yes

If you set this to Yes, when a natural resource firm (mine/oil well/logging camp) has used up its reserve, instead of stopping its operation, it will continue to produce the natural resources with a new recurring cost.

The recurring cost of producing a single unit of the natural resource will equal to the original cost of acquiring natural resource site, divided by the original reserve amount, and adjusted for the current inflation.

Fewer Natural Resources=Yes

If this is set to Yes, there will be fewer natural resource sites in the game, thus it will be more competitive in acquiring them.

Natural Resources Price Premium=No

Use this line to disable the Price Premium system for natural resources.

Factory Capacity Modifier=<50 to 500>

You can increase the production capacity of all factories with this new script command.

If you oftentimes find the production capacity of factories too low and have to set up multiple factories to produce the same product, this script command will be useful to you.

It modifies the capacity of all factories. The default value is 100. Assigning a value higher than 100 will increase the capacities of all factories. The setup and operating costs of factories will also increase accordingly.

Fixed Brand Strategy=<Corporate Brand/Range Brand/Unique Brand>

With this statement, the player corporation’s brand strategy is fixed to the specified strategy and cannot be changed.

Corporate Brand Rating=<brand awareness rating>,<brand loyalty rating>

Initialize the player’s corporate brand ratings to specific values in the beginning of the game. Please note that a randomness of -5 to +5 in values will be automatically applied. And the player must be using corporate brand strategy in order to benefit from this.

Anti-exploitation Game Rules=On

This line enables the special anti-exploitation game rule. It has the following effects:

1) Under the special anti-exploitation game rule, your company can only merge with another company of which it DIRECTLY owns a majority of the shares.

This prevents the parent company from merging with any subsidiaries owned by the first subsidiary. In other words, only the first subsidiary can be merged with the parent company.

2) It has the same effects as the “Alternative Stock Sim” option for prohibiting stock trading between the player’s company and its subsidiaries, thus making it harder to speculate stocks for quick profits.

Please note that Anti-exploitation Game Rules are automatically enabled for all Challenge games.