Use your political influence to your advantage in the business world

When members of your political party have become mayors, it will open up a new array of tactics and strategies for outwitting your competitors through the use of your political influence.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Use the city’s fund to sponsor university research projects that target business sectors where your company has a significant business interest.

Sponsor University research

Build civic buildings around a real estate development project that your company owns. The presence of community facilities will increase quality of life ratings of your apartment buildings, thus increasing their occupancy rates and rental incomes, as well as their property values.

If your competitors have a large business presence in the city, increase the corporate profit tax rate to increase their tax burden.

Conversely, if your company has a large business presence in the city, decrease the corporate profit tax rate for your own benefits.

Relocate competitors’ factories to the outskirt of the city and free up downtown locations which your company may subsequently acquire for building new retail buildings.

Privatize the government’s media firms and apartment buildings by putting them on sale and have your company acquire them.