Script – Environment


Number of Cities=<1 to 10>
You will be able to create a game with a maximum of 10 cities using a game script.

Your Start-up Capital=<Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High>

If you prefer to customize the exact amount of start-up capital for your company, you may use the following line instead:
Your Start-up Capital Amount=<1 to 10000> ($1 to $10000 million)

Random Events=<Never, Seldom, Occasional, Frequent>

Game Starting Year=<1900 to 2100>
You may set the game starting year to any year between 1900 and 2100.  

Retail Store Type=<One, Many>

Technology Disruption=<Yes, No>

Stock Market=<Yes, No>

Alternative Stock Sim=<Yes, No>

Macro Economy Realism=<Low, High>

Inflation=<Off, On, Inverse> 

Inflation Strength=<Normal, Reduced>

Number of AI Persons=<number of competitors+8 to 85>
This is the total number of AI persons in a game. You may customize it using the above line, allowing you to create a game with more persons than a standard game. Please note that the game requires the number of AI persons to be at least equal to the number of competitors + 8. If you set it lower than this value, the game will automatically reset it to the minimum allowed value. 

For Subsidiary DLC only:

Subsidiaries=<0 to 3>
The number of subsidiaries that your company owns at the beginning of the game. 

Private Company=<Yes, No>
If this is set to On, your company will start as a private company.  

Retail Store Floors=<One, Multiple>
Set it to ‘Multiple’ to allow for setting up multiple floors in a single retail store. 

For City Economic Simulation DLC only:

Developed City=<Yes,No>
Whether there is a developed city at the beginning or not. The game is more challenging if you have to start from scratch without a developed city.

First City Cash Level=<Low, Moderate, High>
The first city’s cash level at the beginning of the game.  

Public Expenses Index=<10 to 200>
This index determines the recurring expenses of public facilities, which affects the game’s difficulty playing as a mayor. When it is set to a high value, the same public facility will have higher operating expenses.

Land Price Index=<10 to 200>
This index determines the prices that the government sells its land and natural resource sites to corporations. 

City Setup Cost=<1 to 10000> (unit: $1 million)
The default cost of setting up a new city is $100 million (it increases with inflation). You may override it by defining a new cost amount using the above statement.