Mass Transfer Firms

When you intend to transfer a sector of business or a group of firms from one company under your control to another, you could use the mass transfer function that is accessible from the Corporate Details screen.

Note that the companies involved in the transfer of firms must be either your main company or a subsidiary company with at least 75% ownership.

Step 1
Access the Corporate Details screen and select the company from which you want to transfer firms. Then click the [Transfer Firms] button.

Step 2
It will open the Firms screen, where you can select the firms that you want to transfer.

You may select all firms in a sector easily with the [Select All] button. For example, select Retail Stores from the firm type filter to narrow down the list to show only retail firms, then click the [Select All] button.

Step 3
Click the [Transfer Selected Firms] button to proceed. It will then ask you which company the selected firms should be transferred to.

Note that the transfer will be registered as a business transaction in which one company buying the firms from the other.

Now select a company under your control with enough cash to buy the selected firms. Click the [Ok] button and the transfer will be executed.