Window Mode Supported

You can now run the game in either Full Screen mode or Window mode.

Multiple Screen Resolutions

The game supports multiple screen resolutions, including:

Full screen mode and borderless window mode:
o 1024 x 768
o 1600 x 900
o 1280 x 1024
o 1536 x 864
o 1920 x 1080
o 1600 x 900
o 1600 x 1200
o 2560 x 1440 (2.5K resolution)
o 3840 x 2160 (4K resolution)

The availability of a new borderless window mode for smoother switching between Capitalism Lab and other window applications. (Note that the window resolution of this mode is limited to the monitor’s native resolution).

Borderless window mode only:
o 1366 x 768
o 1440 x 900

Windowed mode:
o 1024 x 768
o 1200 x 900
o 1280 x 960

Using a higher screen resolution, you will be able to see more information at the same time in the Information Center.