Modding – Digital Age

Modding for the Digital Age DLC involves several groups of files. The following describes the details.

Software Products

Similar to physical products, software products are structured under a hierarchy that consists of 3 database files.

  • Software_Mega_Classes.DBF
  • Software_Classes.DBF
  • Software_Types.DBF

The definitions of the databases are very straightforward. Experienced modders should have no problems understanding them. Should you have questions, you may post on the Capitalism Lab modding forum.

Operating System

Operating systems are defined in Operating_Systems.TXT.

It defines linkages between OS software and hardware products. Please see the instructions in Operating_Systems.TXT for the details.


Hardware.DBF stores the types of hardware. Currently only Computer and Notebook are linked to the digital eco-system.


The technologies that drive innovations in software and Internet companies are defined in:

  • Tech_Classes.DBF
  • Tech.DBF

Internet Companies

Settings of Internet companies are defined in Internet_Companies.TXT.

Please see the instructions in Internet_Companies.TXT for the details.


The talent system is a new feature introduced in Digital Age DLC. Names of individual talents are stored in Talent_Names.TXT.

When you add more varieties of software products and Internet companies into your mod, you may find shortage of talents in the game. To improve it, you may add talent names into the text file. Here is an easy yet effective way to do it:

1) Go to a name generator web site like

2) Generate names and add them to Talent_Names.TXT