Build a New City

In this DLC, you will have the opportunity to acquire the rights to develop a new city and automatically serve as the mayor of the city for 30 years.

Here are the steps for building a new city:

1) First open the Nation Map by clicking on the Nation Map icon on the bottom bar.
 (The world map is replaced by the nation map in this DLC)

It will open the Nation Map window, as shown below.

Build a New City Step 1
2) Select a region on the map that currently does not have any city and click on the [Build a New City] icon at the top-left of the window.

Then it will show that a new city development opportunity is currently available and you may acquire the exclusive rights to develop and run the new city for 30 years by donating a specific amount of money to the city’s treasury, as shown below.

Acquire the exclusive rights to run the new city for 30 years
3) If your company has sufficient money, you may proceed to acquire the rights. The money will then be deducted from your company’s cash account and a member of your political party will become the mayor.

Please note that if you have not formed a political party yet, you will have to form one first so that you will have somebody to fill the mayor’s role.

4) When you have successfully acquired the rights to develop a new city, the game will switch to show the new city, like the below screen.

New City run by a mayor you appointed