Script – Player Expertise


You may set the expertise of your player character using the following script lines.

Retailing=<0 to 100>

Farming=<0 to 100>

Manufacturing=<0 to 100>

Research and Development=<0 to 100>

Raw Material Production=<0 to 100>

Marketing=<0 to 100>

Training=<0 to 100>

If you want your player character to possess expertise in a specific product class, you may define it as follows. 

Product Expertise=<Product Class>, <Expertise Rating, which ranges from 0 to 100>
Examples of product classes: Apparel, Automobile, Beverage and etc. You may view all product classes in the game by accessing the Product Summary Report and look at the product class list at the top left of the report.

Digital Age DLC only:
Software Expertise = <software class name or code>, <1-100>
Internet Expertise = <Internet company type>, <1-100>