In the Digital Age DLC, you can set up a telecom to provide Internet services to customers. The number of Internet users can be viewed from the Digital page of the City report, as shown below.

If you intend to set up an Internet company, you should pay close attention to the number of Internet users, as the viability and profitability of an Internet company heavily depends on it.

To support health growth of the Internet population, it is imperative that a city has telecoms providing Internet services with sufficient bandwidth capacity.  And this is where you could make a contribution by setting up your own telecom firm.

To build a telecom, select Digital Age from the Build menu and then select Telecom.

Click on the telecom you have set up and you will see the following interface.


Current Internet pricing
This is the monthly subscription fee that the company charges customers for the Internet services provided.

Set the next month Internet pricing
Set a new Internet monthly subscription fee that will become effective next month.

Use the slider to set the monthly budget for upgrading infrastructure
The maximum number of subscribers that your telecom can serve is limited by its infrastructure capacity. Set a budget here for upgrading its infrastructure capacity if most of its capacity has already been utilized.

It goes without saying that all customers prefer high quality of Internet access. To tell whether your telecom is capable of delivering high quality of services, you could subtract the infrastructure capacity by the utilized capacity. This indicates whether your telecom’s infrastructure capacity is large enough to handle heavy Internet traffic during peak hours.