Capitalism Lab – Subsidiary DLC is now available for $9.99

Buy Subsidiary DLC for $9.99

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Buy Capitalism Lab (list price: $19.99) + Subsidiary DLC ($9.99) + City Economic Simulation DLC ($9.99) for $29.99 only:

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Features – New Powerful Tools For Conquering The Business World on a Grander Scale:

  • With the Subsidiary DLC, you can set up multiple subsidiary companies, hire AI CEOs to run them, and eventually get them listed on stock exchange via IPO (initial public offering) for great profits.
  • You may also setup a shell company and transfer firms and assets from the parent company to it, and then spin it off as a separate public company via IPO to raise new funds.
  • Whether you prefer grand strategy or micro-management, you can manage your subsidiary companies in your preferred style. You may delegate the management to your CEOs and set high level expansion directions for them, or you may personally micro-manage individual subsidiary firms if you want.
  • You have the option of starting out as a private company and choose the best timing to go public to maximize your shareholding of your company. Likewise, there is an option of making AI competing companies starting out as private companies as well.
  • The new multiple floors system for retail stores allows you sell a maximum of 12 products in a single retail store by adding new retail floors.
  • With the new product customization system, you can add custom images to make a product evolve visually. For example, you may customize it in such a way that the game will show images of more advanced smart phones, when your smart phone technology level increases.

New Features Details

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Advanced Gameplay Strategies for Subsidiary DLC

You may acquire companies from the stock market, making them your subsidiaries, replace their CEO/COO/CTO/CMO with more competent ones, or even personally get involved in micro-managing the subsidiary firms to boost up the profits and stock prices.
When you see strong synergy between your subsidiary companies, you may use the new feature to merge two subsidiary companies into a single company to improve its operating efficiency and profitability.
Advanced players may even set up a multi-tiered corporate ownership structure where your subsidiary companies can further set up subsidiary companies of their own. This opens up even more financial possibilities in terms of raising funds and going IPOs.

By utilizing the new Product Customization feature, you can release two or more products of the same product type into the market. Each of them will have their own demand and supply.

For example, your company may sell two motorcycle products with different product images and different technology levels at the same time, targeting at different segments of the market.

The motorcycle product with a lower price and less advanced technology (thus lower quality) will appeal better to consumers who are more price conscious.

On the other hand, the motorcycle product with a higher price and more advanced technology (thus higher quality) will appeal better to consumers who are more quality conscious.