Software Company

In the Digital Age DLC, you can develop a range of software products like operating systems, word processors, photo editors, anti-virus software and many others.

To make your entry into the software industry, the first step is to set up a software company.

Now access Software Guide on the Information Center to see the various types of software that you can develop.

Software guide

Let’s say that you intend to develop 3D Modelling Software, you will see from the guide that you must first possess two software technologies, namely 3D Modelling Engine and 3D Graphics.

To reach the required tech level of 30, you need to set up Tech Programming units in your software company.

Set up a tech programming unit

Now click the [Hire Now] button to hire a lead programmer to develop the technology.

Hire a lead programmer

On the recruitment interface, select 3D Modelling Engine on the left window. The right window will show a list of job candidates who possess technical knowhow in 3D Modelling Engine. 

The Digital Age DLC utilizes a new talent system for the hiring process. For more information, click the below button.

Info about the Talent System

You may set up two or more Tech Programming units and link them together for greater performance, in the same way as you link R&D units together in a R&D center.

In the following screenshot, we have set up two pairs of Tech Programming units specializing in 3D Modelling Engine and 3D Graphics respectively. (The team lead’s skill automatically determines the specialization of a Tech Programming unit.)

Tech programming units

To start the tech development, simply click the [Start R&D] button and select a development duration that will advance the tech to at least level 30.

The development will get underway immediately, like the one shown below.

Tech programming in progress

The next step is to set up a Project Management unit to manage the development of the software product.

Set up a Project Management unit

Then pair the Project Management unit with a Project Programming unit.

Here is a quick recap:
Tech Programming (may link several together) —> for development of Software Tech.
Project Management + Project Programming —> for development of a Software Product.

Software development company units

The resulting setup will look like the following.

Now wait for the development of the 3D Modelling Tech and 3D Graphics to finish. (Make sure that the resulting tech has reached level 30. Otherwise you will have to start a new round of development in order to reach the required tech level.)

Now click the [New Project] button on the Project Management unit, and then select 3D Modelling Software from the list, as shown below.

Develop 3D modelling software

Operating System

Finally, you can choose an operating system to develop your software product for.

In the Digital Age DLC, there is a company specializing in the development of operating systems. You can expect to see the first operating system debut on the market soon after the beginning of a game. So if it is still too early in the game and there is no operating system available yet, just be patient and wait for a couple years and you will see one.

Select an OS

Once you have chosen an operating system and name your software product, the software development project will commence.

Name your software product

Software development project underway