Script – Cities

If you want to add customized cities to your game, you may create a section with the header [CITIES] in your script file. 


City=<city name>
Use this statement to include specific cities in your game. 

See the complete list of cities in the Capitalism Lab database

Globe X=<1 to 470>  
Globe Y=<1 to 260>
If you are adding a customized city which does not exist in Capitalism Lab’s city database, you will have to define its X and Y coordinates on the global map window. (The global map window can be accessed by using ‘W’ key in the game.)

To set the Globe X and Globe Y coordinates of a new city, you can download the above world map image, which is 479 pixels in width and 271 pixels in height (right-click on it and select Save Image from your Internet browser) and use an image editor to find out the coordinates of the city you want to add. 

If you find the above method tedious, the following web-based tool provides a much more efficient way to find the coordinates of a city:

Use the Web-based Tool to Find the Coordinates

Population=<see below> 

<50,000 to 500,000> if you are using City Economic Simulation DLC, which uses a lower population scale for a more sophisticated simulation of the citizens. For more details, please see:

<500,000 to 5,000,000> if you are not using City Economic Simulation DLC. The game runs a more straightforward simulation for the citizens and thus allows for a higher population scale. 

Real Wage Rate=<30 to 100>

Consumer Goods Seaports=<0 to 4> 

Industrial Goods Seaports=<0 to 4> 

Please note that the above parameters are optional. If they are not defined in the script, the game will randomize them. 


If the above line is defined, the city will be locked and the player will not be able to build any business in the city until the city is unlocked. This happens when the player has achieved a goal with a reward that unlocks the city.
(To see the script syntax about unlocking a locked city as a goal reward, click here)

To define additional customized cities for the game, simply add another city definition block, starting with the City=<city name> line. 

The following screenshot shows a fictional city called “My Home Town” which is defined in a script.