Advanced Modding – Adding New Buildings

Starting from version 2.7.00, Capitalism Lab allows you to add new building types via the MOD kit. Here are the steps:

1) Add new building types to the Buildings.DBF which is located in the \MOD_Kit\Data folder. See the following section for details.

2) If the new building is a retail store, define the types of products that can be sold in the new retail store by following the instructions on the
Retail_Store_Products.DBF section of the Advanced Modding – Products page.


You may use this database to define new buildings for the game.

Field Type Length / Range Description
FIRMTYPE Character 8 chars The firm type
BUILDCODE Character 8 chars The building code
BUILDNAME Character 45 chars The building name
LOC_WIDTH Numeric 1 to 4 The width of the building
LOC_HEIGHT Numeric 1 to 4 The height of the building
SETUP_COST Numeric 0 to 9999999 The setup cost of the building.
EXPENSE Numeric 0 to


The monthly fixed operating expenses of the building.
SPACE Numeric 1 to 999 The internal space of the building.

The following values are recommended for retail stores:

50 – a retail store of 2×2 size

100 – a retail store of 3×3 size

200 – a retail store of 4×4 size

ELECTRIC Numeric 0 to 9999 Reserved for a future expansion pack of the game.

The electricity consumption of the building.

FRAME_DEL Numeric 1 to 99 Frame Delay Modifier. Normally it is set to 1 which plays each frame in the animation at the normal speed. When it is set to 2 or higher, the playing speed of the animated frames for this building will be 2 times slower or several times slower.
ACQUIRE Numeric 1 or 0 Whether this type of building can be acquired by the player or not. It can be 1 (Yes) or 0 (No).

Sample Buildings.DBF file 

You may download a sample Buildings.DBF file by clicking here. It contains database records for a new retail store, a new apartment building and a new commercial buildings.