Political Parties

The new Political Party screen is accessible from the Information Center. It shows the existing political parties and the members in each political party.
Political Party screen is accessible from the Information Center
If you don’t have your own political party yet, there will be an option that allows you to form your own political party.
Form your own political party if you haven't yet.


You may donate money to your political party by clicking on the Donate button as shown below.
Donate money to your political party
You may either make a personal donation to your political party, or make the donation on behalf of your company.
Personal or Company donation to your political party

Mayor Election

As early as one year prior to the expiration of an existing mayor term, the Run for Mayor button will be available, like what the following screenshot shows.

To have a member in your political party run for mayor, simply click on the button.

Have a member in your political party to run for Mayor
Once a person has become a mayor candidate, you will see the View Election Screen button as shown below. Click on it to access the Election screen.
 View Election Screen
The Election screen shows the list of mayor candidates and their support ratings.

On this screen, you may set the monthly budget for election campaign for a mayor candidate who is a member of your political party.

A higher monthly budget for election campaign will help increase the support rating for the candidate.

(The Election screen can also be accessed directly from the Mayor page of the Cities report.)

monthly budget for election campaign