Selling Software Products

In a digital economy, you will be able to sell your software products in any of the following ways:

1) Producing packaged software products in a factory and selling them in retail stores.
2) Producing packaged software products in a factory and selling them via your e-commerce firm.
3) Selling your software products by means of digital download via your e-commerce firm.

However, it takes years for e-commerce to gain traction and become mainstream. Prior to that, software products are mainly sold through retail channels. So it is important to first master the production and sale operations of packaged software products.

How to Produce Packaged Software Products in a Factory

After you have developed your software in a software firm, you can use a factory to produce packaged software products and subsequently sell them at retail.

Packaged software products are produced using DVDs and paper, as shown in the Manufacturer’s Guide.

Once you have completed a software project in your software company, you will see a new icon on the factory interface, as shown in the following screenshot. Use it to automatically set up a production layout in your factory for producing packaged software products.

When clicking the icon, it will prompt you to choose a software product for your factory to make, as shown below.

Once you have made the decision, the factory will start churning out software products, provided that the required raw materials are available.

How to Sell Software Products via E-commerce

To learn how to sell your software products, either as digital download products or packaged software products via e-commerce, please click the following link.


Releasing New Versions of Your Software Products

In the software business, it is important that you keep releasing new versions of your software products with better quality to please your customers and boost sales.

Commercially successful software products all have new releases on a regular basis. Those without any new releases for years inevitably suffer poor sales.

To see the frequency of new releases, you may open the Software report and take a look at the sale graphs where new version releases are denoted in yellow lines, as shown in the below screenshot.

To develop a new version, you may use the following buttons on the software company interface.

[New Version] button 
Start a project for developing a new version of the software product that was previously completed here. As a thumb of rule, the new version should be noticeably better than the previous version. So you must first invest the necessary time and resources to improve the tech before contemplating a new release.

[Auto] button – Automatically develop new versions 
If this is enabled, it will automatically develop next versions of the software when more advanced tech has been researched. ​​This tool is useful for reducing micromanagement when you have a lot of software companies to manage.