Nation Report

In this DLC, one of your main goals is to grow your nation and make it into the World Ranking charts, which consist of the World Ranking – GDP Growth chart, and the World Ranking – GDP Per Capita chart.
Grow your nation and get on the World Ranking chart
Your nation’s data are compiled by combining all your cities’ data. You may view individual cities’ data from the Cities report.

The economic health of your nation can be assessed from the Nation Economic Graphs, the GDP report and the GDP Component Graphs.

Economic health of your nation
Your nation’s Quality of Life index and the components that contribute to it are available in the Quality of Life report. Its changes over the years can be viewed in the Nation Graphs report which also shows the nation’s population growth.
How successful your nation has become is indicated by your Nation’s Score which is derived from your nation’s population and quality of life of its citizens.

In this report, you can also see how well your current game is faring by comparing your current scores against your highest scores on record.

Nation's score derived from population and quality of life