Types of Internet Companies

The following lists the types of Internet companies in the game, grouped by their revenue models.

From the screenshots in the following sections, you can also see technologies that each type of Internet company depends on. To research and improve a technology, you can set up Tech R&D units in R&D Centers.

Revenue model: Advertising

When it comes to advertising, the key difference between an Internet company and an traditional media company is that access to Internet companies are not limited to geographic locations. Any users in any of the cities can access an Internet web site.

When a business advertises on an Internet company, the advertising effect will cover all the cities. On the other hand, the advertising effect of a traditional media firm is limited to the local city only.

The following are types of Internet companies that receive advertising revenues from advertisers.

Search Engine

You can set the Cost per Click you charge the advertisers on the Revenue page, as shown in the below screenshot.

If your advertising cost is significantly higher than those of your competitors, advertisers will opt for competitors’ web sites instead of yours. So it will be wise to keep your advertising costs competitive.

Social Network

Video Sharing Website

Photo-sharing Website


Revenue model: E-Commerce

There is a separate web page dedicated to e-commerce, click the following button to view the details.


Revenue model: Service Fees

Web sites under this category generate revenue by charging fees on the services they provide. For example, a hotel booking site charges a service fee for every hotel booking transaction.

The amount of service fees generated is directly proportional to the amount of visitor traffic of the web site.

The types of web sites in the game that operate on a service fee revenue model include the following.

Online Auction Site

Hotel Booking Site

Select the Revenue page to view the amount of service fees.

Car Rental Booking Site

Online Stock Trading


Revenue model: Subscription

The following lists the types of web sites that charge a subscription fee for the premium content they offer.

News Website

Video On Demand