Operating System

The Critical Role of Operating System (OS)
The sales of your software products depend on the user base of the OS that your software products run on. Thus, you not only have to strive to develop software of high quality, but also have to choose the right OS platform for your software.

If you have developed a software product for an OS with a small user base, the sales of your software product will be very limited.

Launching Your Own OS
If the mere successes in software application markets do not satisfy you, you may create your own OS and take on the existing OS giant. But winning the OS war is going to be the biggest challenge that you will ever face, as the stakes are extremely high and the formidable competitor will do everything it can to crush you.

Viewing OS Product Info in Software Report
You may access the Software report on the Information Center to view the information of your OS product, as shown in the above screenshot.

Overall Rating of OS product
As you are well aware that in Capitalism Lab the overall quality of a product is typically affected by its quality, its brand, its price. For an OS product, besides these 3 factors, there is an extra factor called Apps Availability rating that affects an OS product’s overall rating.

The Apps Availability rating can be viewed on the Software report, as shown in the above screenshot.

It indicates whether there are enough application software available for this OS. This rating is calculated based on the variety of the software applications available for this OS and their quality ratings.