Capitalism Lab – The Ultimate Business Simulation Game

Capitalism Lab is the successor to the award-winning Capitalism 2 with a host of exciting new features and improvements.

If you are new to the Capitalism series, you may check out Capitalism 2 website first. If you are not sure whether you should buy Capitalism 2 or Capitalism Lab, you may take a look at the differences between Capitalism Lab and Capitalism 2.

Why is it called Capitalism Lab?

The word “Lab” implies that Capitalism Lab, after its initial release, continues to evolve. Our goal is to keep adding truly innovative gameplay features to the game, further cementing its reputation as the best business simulator ever created.

New Features

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User Testimonials

It seemed that the times of good business simulations was over – and then Capitalism Lab came along the way. I’ve been playing business sims since I started playing computer games almost 20 years and whilst back then there was a rich variety of good games the genre almost dried out in the past years. However, CapLab is a masterpiece, a bit like “The Lemmings”: pretty easy to learn, very hard to handle.

So if anyone is looking for a game that provides more than just two hours of scripted gameplay, even though it may be a call of duty, you should give this one a try. I’ve been playing Capitalism Lab during its beta phase for countless hours. It never gets boring, after you finished it you won’t want to change for another game, you simply start over again, trying to avoid mistakes you made before, invent other products or strategies.

Usually I don’t feel grateful when it comes to products, but there are a few exceptions. Regarding games, Capitalism Lab is one of them (and the FIFA-Series for my XBox ). So thanks, Enlight Software.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Bremen, Germany

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Risk Free Purchase with Money Back Guarantee! 

If you purchase the game and for whatever reason you want a refund, you may email us at within 48 hours of your purchase to request a refund. We will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

New DLCs for Capitalism Lab

The Subsidiary DLC introduces new features for conquering the business world on a grander scale!
Subsidiary DLC
The City Economic Simulation DLC lets you build new cities from scratch, form your own political party, and assume the role of mayor while simultaneously growing your business empire!
City Economic Simulation DLC
The Digital Age DLC offers you an exciting opportunity to build a tech startup at the dawn of the digital age and oversee its growth to eventually become a tech powerhouse that joins the ranks of tech titans such as Microsoft and Google.

Buy Capitalism Lab (list price: $19.99) + Subsidiary DLC ($9.99) + City Economic Simulation DLC ($9.99) for $29.99 only (original price: $39.97):

Buy Capitalism Lab + 2 DLCs for $29.99

Buy Capitalism Lab (list price: $19.99) + Subsidiary DLC ($9.99) + City Economic Simulation DLC ($9.99) + Digital Age DLC ($12.99) for $39.99 only (original price: $52.96):

Further Enrich the Gameplay with High Quality MODs

We recommend the following MODs. Each of them centers around a specific theme, delivering a unique gaming experience and can be downloaded for free. Together with the standard game, there are literally hundreds of hours of fun and excitement to be had.

The RealWorld Mod is the most popular mod for Capitalism Lab, with over 600 products and 900 customized product images, plus lots of new logos and portraits. It is the essential mod that we recommend to all Capitalism Lab players.

Modern World Mod by Saffgee

The Modern World Mod adds an unbelievable amount of product depth, manufacturing chains and retail specialisation and tries to replicate how a modern, modular corporation may need to go about its business, whilst still using some of the games conventions to find creative problem work-around’s.

Capitalism World Mod by Arcnor

The Capitalism World Mod uses the mod system in a truly creative way, adding an amazing array of new industries, including airlines, electric cars and even rockets (yep you can build your own SpaceX) to this already-excellent business simulation game.

Video Game Thumb Candy MOD by BioBiro

While there is no shortage of games on the market that let you manage a video game development company, none of them matches this mod in terms of offering you an unique opportunity to produce video game console hardware and dominate the video game software market at the same time (imagine a behemoth company combining Sony and EA.)

System Requirements of Capitalism Lab

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The game will be delivered to you via digital download. After ordering Capitalism Lab, you will be provided with a download link to download the game installer.

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