Capitalism Lab Testimonials

If you are looking for an in-depth economic simulator with challenging AI and realistic interactions, look no further than Capitalism Lab. The game accurately portrays some of the challenges and concerns of farming, manufacturing, retail, media, real-estate and the stock market. With over 70 products and 40 semi-products divided into more than 25 classes, up to 30 competitors and a fluctuating and responsive economy there is a multitude of ways to play the game however you want.Best yet, the developers have committed to continual development and refinement of the game. They have welcomed player feedback and suggestions and have allowed the community to vote on which features they would like to see next, which are implemented as the game reaches certain sales milestones. All this means the game will only get better and more challenging over time.

Rating: 9 out of 10
Accountant and university tutor

It seemed that the times of good business simulations was over – and then Capitalism Lab came along the way. I’ve been playing business sims since I started playing computer games almost 20 years and whilst back then there was a rich variety of good games the genre almost dried out in the past years. However, CapLab is a masterpiece, a bit like “The Lemmings”: pretty easy to learn, very hard to handle.

So if anyone is looking for a game that provides more than just two hours of scripted gameplay, even though it may be a call of duty, you should give this one a try. I’ve been playing Capitalism Lab during its beta phase for countless hours. It never gets boring, after you finished it you won’t want to change for another game, you simply start over again, trying to avoid mistakes you made before, invent other products or strategies.

Usually I don’t feel grateful when it comes products, but there are a few exceptions. Regarding games, Capitalism Lab is one of them (and the FIFA-Series for my XBox ). So thanks, Enlight Software.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Bremen, Germany

Ever want to run a business and dont have the money? Grab Capitalism Lab and dive into retail, farming, apartments and much more! Capitalism lab is the most realistic business sim game of its time. Want to get lost playing a game and making money? Then Capitalism Lab is for you.

Rating: 9 out of 10


Capitalism Lab is the latest title in the legendary Capitalism series by Enlight. “Best of Kind” continues to be the appropriate accolade for this compelling business simulator. Whether you choose to start with a chicken farm or a gold mine, you must determine the best plan of growth for your company’s shareholders. The use of marketing, training, research and expansion will all help to increase your market share. But which strategy is best is something you’ll have to constantly reevaluate throughout the changing times. For me, the release of Capitalism Lab is the most exciting thing to happen in gaming this year. I couldn’t pre-order fast enough, and I am glad I did.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Rob McCrea
Certified General Business cum laude, Olean Business Institute

Capitalism Lab is the latest and long expected addition to the Capitalism game series. All of the previous games of the series had set new standards of quality in the business simulation games market, and Capitalism Lab is no exception.

Capitalism 2 was definitely the most thorough and in-depth business simulation available on the market in the past decade. The business models used in the game were so detailed and realistic, that the game helped me tremendously with my study of economics on the university. It has made grasping many of the abstract corporate management and marketing concepts far easier to comprehend. In fact, during my studies, I could often find myself visualizing some of the concepts from my textbooks through Capitalism’s game interface.

Capitalism Lab has really taken business simulation to new frontiers. Almost all of the shortcomings of Capitalism 2 (such as low strength of the AI, and limited number of competitors and cities) were dealt with in this sequel. Numerous improvements were made in order to make the simulation more realistic.

I also have to applaud excellent cooperation between the Enlight development team with their customers. Many improvements were made through this cooperation, and many more are scheduled for implementation. Once all of the planned additions to the game get developed and implemented, which is very realistic to expect in the future, Capitalism Lab is most certainly going to become the best business simulation in history.

The game has my absolute recommendation to any aspiring economist/businessman as well as to any person with entrepreneurial spirit who would like to test his abilities in the risk-free environment.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Radovan Kastratovic