Community and Sports Facilities

You can now build community and sports facilities such as city halls, schools, museums, hospitals, and stadium to support the development of a residential area.

These public buildings which are non-interactive buildings in the original Capitalism 2, will be made available to players for building next to their residential buildings, to increase their values and rental incomes.

Also see: 
The Evolution of Shanghai from 1990 to 2010 – showing a scenario where the player develops a new residential area from the ground up and builds community buildings to facilitate the growth of the area.

Enhanced Simulation of Apartments and Commercial Buildings – describing how community and sports facilities affect the occupancy rates of apartments.

City Dynamics – describing how community and sports facilities affect quality of living of the residents and the city’s population growth in the long run.

Civic buildings in Capitalism Lab
Selecting a community building to build.

Sports facilities in Capitalism Lab
Selecting sport facilities to build.