Natural Resources

To reduce the possibilities of any company having a monopoly on natural resources, new natural resource sites will become available soon after the existing sites are acquired by companies.

To prevent having too much supply of raw materials flooding the market, the cost of acquiring a new natural resource increases significantly as the number of sites in existence increases, thus making it harder for companies to keep acquiring new natural resource sites in an attempt to monopolize the industry.

You can point the mouse at a natural resource site on the map to see the price premium on the natural resource site info window.

When an AI company has acquired a natural resource site with a price premium, it tends to sell the raw materials at a higher price in order to cover the cost.

The following screen shows a natural resource site with a price premium.

Indicators of Natural Resource Sites on the Mini Map

On the mini-map, natural resource sites that have been occupied by companies are shown in green color, to distinguish themselves from natural resource sites for sale, which are in white color.

Unlimited Natural Resources mode

You may use a script to enable the Unlimited Natural Resources mode.

If Unlimited Natural Resources mode is enabled, when a natural resource firm (mine/oil well/logging camp) has used up its reserve, instead of stopping its operation, it will continue to produce the natural resources with a new recurring cost.

The recurring cost of producing a single unit of the natural resource will equal to the original cost of acquiring natural resource site, divided by the original reserve amount, and adjusted for the current inflation.

There are two ways to enable it:
1) Create a script with the line Unlimited Natural Resources=<Yes,No>.
Click here about how to define a script.

2) Load the pre-defined script “Unlimited Natural Resources
Click here about how to load a pre-defined script.