Real World Mod

Real World Mod is the most popular mod for Capitalism Lab, with over 600 products and 900 customized product images, plus lots of new logos and portraits. It is the essential mod that we recommend to all Capitalism Lab players.

The Real World Mod doesn’t just expand your game – it transforms it. Engage with familiar brands, navigate markets that mirror real-world dynamics, and face challenges that truly test your business acumen. Every aspect of your Capitalism Lab experience is enhanced, from the products you manufacture to the companies you compete against.

As the most popular mod in the Capitalism Lab community, you’ll benefit from continuous updates and a vibrant player base.

New Shop Types

Gas Station
Fruit Shop
Flower Shop

Book Shop
Car Wash
Business Shop

How to Download the Real World Mod

Capitalism Lab’s mod downloader is linked to Real World MOD, enabling you to download it in a breeze. To do so, simply double-click on the RealWorld MOD banner from the MOD menu.

The download will take place in background. When it is ready, double-click on the banner to load it.

New Products

Beer Baby Clothes Bus Almond Biscuits
Bottled Liquor Baseball Caps Cabrio Car Bread
Brandy Bath Robe Camper Burger Buns
Red Wine Blazer Car Cheesecake
Rhum Boxer Shorts Luxury Car Croissant
Schnapps Cashmere Sweater Moto Helmet Dumpling
Sparkling Wine Dress Pants Motorcycle Macaroons
Vermouth Fur Coat Scooter Oatmeal Cookie
Vodka Lemon Jeans Smart Car Ravioli
Whisky Leather Jacket Tractor Cappuccino
White Wine Pyjama Truck Hot Toast

Bottled Cola Anti Aging Cream 3D Printer Asphalt
Bottled Milk Bath Salt Desktop Computer Cement Pack
Bottled Water Body Lotion GPS Concrete Blocks
Camomille Bag Body Scrub Memory Cards Decorative Gypsum
Coffee Capsules Conditioner Notebook Computer Door
Cola Can Cotton Buds Photocopier Door Handle
Energy Drink Diaper Plotter Electric Cable
Green Tea Glasses Printer Electric Gate
Ice Tea Can Hairbrush Scanner Faucet
Instant Drink Mix Hand Lotion Tablet Computer Galvanized Roof
Mint Syrup Mouthwash Toner Cartrige Lumber

Cream Cheese Chapstick Analgesic Caesar Salad
Emmenthal Cheese Depilatory Wax Antibiotics Cheeseburger
Goat Milk Cheese Nail Polish Anticoagulant Chicken Wings
Mozzarella Cheese Foundation Band-Aid French Fries
Parmigiano Cheese Suncream Bandage Hamburger


Battery Apricot Jam Canned Cherries Cream of Broccoli
Bulb Artichokes Cream Canned Corn Fish Fingers
Chain Saw Artichokes Heart Canned Fish Fish Spread
Drill Baby Food Canned Lentils Frozen Paella
Fire Extinguisher Baloney Canned Lobster Frozen Peas
Gloves Blueberry Jam Canned Peas Frozen Pizza
Mower Bolognese Sauce Canned Sardins Frozen Potatoes
Paint Brush Bottled Honey Canned Soup Frozen Vegetables
Pallets Burger Patties Cheese Macaroni Fruit Cocktail
Safety Helmet Butter Cherry Jam Garlic Powder
Scissors Canned Beans Cassava Flour Ground Black Pepper

Cabin Cruiser Bird Cage Books Costume Jewellery
Jetski Bird Food Comics Diamond Ring
Rubber boat Cat Food Magazines Gold Bracelet
Sail Boat Cat Litter Newspaper Gold Earrings

Bird Cage Bugle Electric Razor Air Freshener
Bird Food Drum Fan Aluminium Foil
Cat Food Electric Piano Hair Dryer Bed Sheets
Cat Litter Guitar Heater Bleach
Dog Food Saxophone Iron Candles