Script – Competitors

[COMPETITORS]Number of Competitors=<1 to 50>
You may set the number of competitors to any number between 1 and 50. 

Competitor Start-up Capital=<Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High>

Competitor Aggressiveness=<Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High>

Competitor Expertise Level=<None, Low, Moderate, High>

Show Competitor Trade Secrets=<Yes, No>

AI Friendly Merger=<Yes, No>

Competence of Local Competitors=<Very Low, Low, Moderate, High, Very High>

You may set the business focuses of the AI companies using the following script lines:
(The total number of competitors defined here should not exceed the number  in the Number of Competitors line.)

Retail Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Stock Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Real Estate Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Tech Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Media Focused Companies=<1 to 30>

Diversified Companies=<1 to 30>

AI Product Expertise=<Expertise Product Class>, <Number of AI competitors> 

Use this statement to assign a specified type of expertise to AI competitors. 

<Expertise Product Class> is the expertise product class. For example, “apparel”

<Number of AI competitors> is the number of AI competitors possessing this type of expertise. 

AI Product Expertise=Apparel, 3

With the above statement, there will be 3 AI competitors possessing expertise in Apparel in the beginning of the game, resulting in more intense competition in the apparel industry.

Please note that this only applies to AI competitors with a diversified business strategy. (e.g. retail focused companies and companies with other focuses are not affected.)

For Subsidiary DLC only:

AI Private Companies Percent=<0 to 80>
Percentage of competitors that are private companies.
AI companies are randomly set up as private companies based on this preference.