Advanced Modding – about Phasing Out Products

Here are two examples for defining a product to be phased out by another product using the product MOD.

Example 1 

  • The demand of Smart Phone is 10 (We use integers in this example for illustration purposes only. The actual figures are usually in decimal places)
  • The demand of Camera Phone is 6 (which will be phased out )
  • Then the initial demand of Smart Phone will be set to (10-6)=4, and it will slowly absorb the demand of Camera Phone until it has reached its full demand of 10.

Example 2 

  • The demand of Tablet Computer is 10
  • The demand of Notebook Computer is 6 (which will be phased out)
  • And Notebook Computer has a OUTREMAIN index of 60% (It indicates the remaining consumer demand for the current product after the phasing out process has completely occurred. See the MOD Products table from the previous web page for more details.)
  • Then the initial demand of Tablet Computer will be set to (10 – 6*(100%-60%)) = 10 – 2.4 = 7.6
  • And it will slowly absorb the demand of Notebook computer (eventually absorbing a total of 2.4 demand points) until it has reached its full potential demand of 10.