Educational Uses of Capitalism Lab

The game-like approach of Capitalism Lab helps engage students in an enjoyable and educational way, while allowing teachers to assess their performance. Its realistic simulation of economic concepts encourages critical thinking and analysis among students, making them more knowledgeable about the subject and better prepared to interact with the real world.

Capitalism Lab’s detailed tutorial system makes it accessible to students of all levels. It has a comprehensive library of lessons designed to help students understand the fundamentals of economics, including supply and demand, pricing mechanisms, market structures, macroeconomics, and more.

The game’s open-ended nature provides an opportunity for teachers to create custom scenarios that best suit their classroom setting. This allows them to tailor the game to fit the specific needs of their students, whether they are looking for a light introduction to economics or a deep dive into advanced economic theories.

What The Experts Say

“Capitalism is a world class, hands-on learning experience which I’ve used at Stanford School of Engineering and Harvard Business School. Gamers not only learn the subtleties of growing an entrepreneurial business but also learn about leadership and team building necessary in any business situation.”

“Capitalism is very realistic and will allow the dynamics to change depending on whether you’re selling a cola product, which is sort of a low tech-branded consumer good, or whether you’re selling consumer electronics or a PC.”

Professor Thomas Kosnik
Consulting Professor, Stanford University, and Lecturer, Harvard University

“This game does an excellent job of modeling many of the key aspects of modern business.”

“In particular it’s gratifying to me to see that the game rewards thinking about sources of long-term competitive advantage, be it from brand recognition, low production costs gained from learning-by-doing, a monopoly on high quality inputs, or a big technological lead.“

Professor Drew Fudenberg
Harvard University

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