Text translation on bitmap files.

Some game text is embedded on bitmap files and therefore the traditional method does not work. To translate the text on bitmaps, please follow the below instructions.

First download the CapLab_Translate_IF.RAR file.


Then perform the following actions:

1) Translate the text on the TGA files

2) Convert the translated TGA files into GIF files using a third party image editing tool. (See the notes below)

3) Run Convert_All.BAT to convert all GIF files into the game’s proprietary image file format.

4) Copy all the files generated by Convert_All.BAT, including *.ICN and *.COL files to the game’s “IF” folder (<Capitalism Lab folder>/IF).

Notes about converting TGA files into GIF files 
Please note that the required output format is the old GIF 87a format.If your image editing tool does not support this format, you may download Gimp for free from http://www.gimp.org/.Also, you have to flatten the image in Gimp before exporting.
If you need additional support, you may post on the Capitalism Lab user-translation forum at: