DLC (Downloadable Content) for Capitalism Lab

With Subsidiary DLC, you can expand your business to new heights! Create multiple subsidiary companies with AI CEOs at their helm and get them listed on a stock exchange. Or take existing firms and assets from the parent company and spin them off as its own public entity via IPO while making big money along the way!
Become an entrepreneurial mayor with City Economic Simulation DLC! Put your urban planning skills to work as you build new cities from scratch, form your own political party and shape public policy, while simultaneously growing your business empire!

Digital Age DLC offers you an exciting opportunity to build a tech startup at the dawn of the digital age and lead it from its infancy through revolutionary growth to become a tech powerhouse that joins the ranks of tech titans such as Microsoft and Google.

Banking and Finance DLC simulates the financial world with a level of realism that is unprecedented in video games. You can now build a business empire on a truly epic scale by extending its reach to the lucrative banking and insurance industries. It also greatly expands the types of financial strategy that you can execute by allowing you to issue and trade bondsinvest in global stocks, do stock splits, and pay out special dividends. 

Experimental DLC

Experimental DLC  is a unique bridge between new ideas and established content, allowing players to experience the latest game developments firsthand. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try out the newest innovations before they are released in official DLCs.

Experimental DLC is freely accessible to users who have purchased all of the 4 other DLCs (Subsidiary DLC, City Economic Simulation DLC, Digital Age DLC and Banking and Finance DLC.)