Banking and Finance DLC

The Banking and Finance DLC simulates the financial world with a level of realism that is unprecedented in video games. You can now build a business empire on a truly epic scale by extending its reach to the lucrative banking and insurance industries. It also greatly expands the types of financial strategy that you can execute by allowing you to issue and trade bonds, invest in global stocks, do stock splits, and pay out special dividends. 

You would experience first-hand what it is like to be a CEO in charge of a big bank with immense capital. You could be a conservative banker who keep the amount of loans to high-risk borrowers to a minimum, or you could pursue profit maximization by giving out high-interest loans to high-risk borrowers with no reservations.

During economic good times, an aggressive risk-taking management style can be rewarded with tremendous upside. But when a recession hits, a bank loaded with bad debts can easily find itself on the verge of collapse. Which type of banker would you want to be?

Insurance Companies
You can expand into the highly lucrative insurance business, underwriting millions of insurance policies and leveraging policyholders’ money to generate even more return by making sizable bets on stocks and bonds with that money.

If you ever wonder how an insurance company actually works, there is no easier way to learn the ins and outs of an insurance company than immersing yourself in the exhilarating simulation gameplay that this DLC offers.

Bonds and Bank Deposits
You can now raise capital by issuing corporate bonds which have the benefits of lower interest costs over bank loans.

From an investor’s perspective, the bond market lets you put your idle cash to work and earn decent interests. Banks’ saving accounts and time deposits offer the same benefits but with lower interest rates.

Global Stock Market
When the local stock market, typically exhibits low trading volumes, can no longer meet your appetite for stock investment, you can turn to the global stock market, which offers a list of large-cap, household-name stocks with much higher liquidity in trading.

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The Banking and Finance DLC has been officially released.

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New Features:

Bank Headquarters
Bank Branch
Understanding Bank Capital Requirements

Depositing your Money in Banks to Earn Interests
Taking out Loans from Banks

Issuing and Buying Corporate Bonds and Municipal Bonds
Buying Sovereign Bonds

Insurance Headquarters
Make Investments Using Other People’s Money
Insurance Front Office

Global Stock Market
Stock Split
Special Dividends

Banking and Finance DLC Settings:
New Game Settings of the Banking and Finance DLC

Extra Features:
Multiple Floors for Warehouses
Realistic Money Supply (to be used in conjunction with City Economic Simulation DLC)
Venture Capitalists
Acquire Companies Facing Bankruptcy
Export Financial Statements to CVS Files