How to Customize Video Game Console Hardware

1) Open the Manufacturer’s Guide, select the product type “Video Game Console”, and click the Product Customization icon.

2) On the Product Customization interface, you will see a list of sample video game consoles that come with the Video Game mod kit. You may replace this sample list with your own video game consoles for your mod.

3) Click the [Group Settings] button at the top-right of the interface to open the Group Settings menu. Each group in fact represents a video game console franchise. The sample content that comes with the mod kit includes 3 groups, representing 3 video game console franchises.

4) In each group, you could define different generations of video game consoles. For example, Group #3 includes Ybox, Ybox 360 and Ybox One.

Ybox 360 requires a tech level of 300 to unlock and Ybox One can be locked with a tech level of 600. By defining the required tech level of each console hardware, you could set the order in which they become available in the game.

On the Group Settings menu, you will see following options for setting the type of IP (intellectual property) required for production.

Open Source – if a group is set to Open Source, any companies can manufacture the video game console hardware. (similar to the situation where any smart phone manufacturers can produce Android phones.)

Proprietary – If a group is set to Proprietary, then only the IP owner can manufacture the hardware. (similar to the situation where only Apple can produce iPhones.)

Selectable – If a group is set to Selectable, then the company who develops and owns the IP will be able to choose between Open Source and Proprietary in each game.


5) After you have defined the groups, you will have to assign individual console hardware products to the groups.

For each custom video game console, set the following:

The 1st row – set the required tech level for this video game console.

The 2nd row – use the [+][-] buttons to set its group.

The 3rd row – enter a name for this video game console.


6) When all the above steps are done, you may start testing the newly defined video game consoles in your game.