Farm Extension

The new feature of farming extension can be a great help for players who found their farms unable to produce enough food to meet demand. Rather than having to build additional farms, they can now extend their existing one by simply building new farming tiles around it. This will make the setting up of supply chains much easier and faster, thus allowing players to better manage the production of food.

To use it, first enable the Farm Extension option on the Experimental DLC page of the New Game Settings menu.

You will see a new Farm Extension icon on your farm. Click on it to activate the Farm Extension mode.

Now drag an area around your farm to buy the land and build the new farming tiles.

The new farming tiles have been built and the capacity of all the units in your farm will increase as a result. Keep in mind that the monthly operating cost of your farm will rise accordingly.

By hovering over the Farming Extension icon, you can see how many new farming tiles have been added and how much farming capacity has been increased.