New Content: New Service Firms and Products

The game now offers an expanded version of the vanilla content set that includes new service firms and products. This new content set will be loaded into the game automatically when the Service Firm feature from the Experimental DLC is activated.

The Fast Food Joint, one of the new service firms that serves delicious fast food including hamburgers, French fries and fried chicken.

Hamburgers are made from burger buns, patties and tomatoes.

Other types of service firms include pizzerias, cake shops, and coffee shops. They each prepare and serve three different types of food.

With this new content set, you can now expand your business empire with a thriving service business!

A Pizzeria offers Beef Pizza, Chicken Pizza, and Parma Pizza.

A Cake Shop sells Chocolate Cake, Lemon Tart and Strawberry Cake.

A Coffee Shop serves Caffe Americano, Cappuccino, and Latte.