Differences between Capitalism 2 and Capitalism Lab

If you are new to the Capitalism series, you are recommended to get your hands on Capitalism 2 first, which contains well crafted tutorials for learning the game. You may check out the Capitalism 2 web site.

The following lists show the unique features available in Capitalism 2 and Capitalism Lab respectively. It is advisable to keep both games on your hard disk and select the right game to play depending on the features you are interested in. For instance, multiplayer games are only available in Capitalism 2 whereas the new features detailed on this site are only available in Capitalism Lab.


The classic game for people who are new to the game series, which offers:

  • The Entrepreneur campaign
  • The Capitalist campaign
  • Multiplayer Games


It continues to evolve with improvements and updates. Check out the current list of new features and improvements:

You may also buy Capitalism 2 and Capitalism Lab together at a special bundle price.